Window Films NI

Sun Control : Shatter : Anti-Fade : Solar Blinds

Accredited installer of Llumar Films

Window Films N.I. have been applying window film for over thirty years and we have carried out contract work throughout Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, England and Scotland.

We are flexible as a company and can carry out major contract work in large commercial buildings as well as individual panes of glass in private homes and businesses.

When the company was founded, customers had concerns with terrorist bombs and required an effective solution to the dangers of flying glass. Safety film was the most cost effective method to achieve this. Fortunately this threat has now eased and we can offer the full spectrum of products to deal with the variety of hazards associated with glass.

We carry out a comprehensive survey of your glazing system, identifying the type and thickness fitted, list its safety classification and apply the recommended BS standard. We can advise on the appropriate remedial action.

The work is carried out by trained personnel who are accredited to CPFilms,, the largest manufacturer of window film in the world. We have access to their technical department and can carry out a full assessment prior to any work starting on site.

Company Address:

30 Trenchill Road, Ballyclare,

County Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT39 9SJ

Telephone: 028 93 352 021