Holland Blinds

Holland Blinds

These roller blinds are made to individual order and include many of the original Victorian design features such as the central barrel and brass fittings.

Scottish Holland fabric is standard and this is available in stone, champagne, buttermilk and navy. The blinds are excellent at preventing harmful sunlight fading your fixtures and fabrics. If you visit any of the National Trust properties throughout Northern Ireland you can view the blinds in all the showrooms. The Trust are dedicated to maintaining and preserving historic artefacts. They have specified traditional Holland blinds for many years.

All blinds have double zigzag  stitching on all sides with a wooden pear drop batten and wooden acorn on the pull cord. They can be supplied with a centre pull or cap and rack mechanism that allows instant breaking as the blind is operational.

These blinds are considered by many to be the original and the best traditional roller blind available.