Protective Film

Protective Filmimages_1.jpg

We now stock a new protective Masking Film with a specialist low tack adhesive. It is designed for the temporary covering of trade goods, allowing them to be protected from scratching, dust and dirt. The film is easily removed when required, leaving the job free from defects and ready for your client.

The masking film is transparent, so will not impair daylight. This attribute making it perfect for the protection of newly installed windows and doors, which can get damaged if not protected, whilst on site.

Our masking film can be easily applied to most smooth surfaces and can be used in the following industries for protecting:

  • Building Industry: Windows, doors, sills and profiles

  • Flooring Industry: Laminate flooring and ceramic tiles

  • Electrical Goods: Television screens and computer monitors

  • Furniture Industry: Table tops, Cabinets, Work tops and wall units

  • Motor Industry: Body panels and windows/ windscreens

The Masking Film comes in a standard width of 500mm. The rolls are 100mts in length and are available on a single roll trial offer, which includes free delivery