Solar Blinds


The range of Window Films (NI Ltd) shade films is designed to provide the flexibility to be drawn only when their performance is needed. The range of blind films incorporates either plain or embossed films with identical technology to the window films range and offers a choice of combinations of performance characteristics. Each blind film is designed primarily to provide protection against the build up of solar heat and to reduce the amount of solar glare. Each film in the range also offers a secondary performance characteristic of reducing the amount of transmitted sunlight which thereby provides protection to reduce fading of items such as fabrics and painted materials. Certain films in the blinds range also offer a further performance characteristic as privacy films, generally by acting as daylight reflective "one-way mirror" blinds.

     - Solar heat reduced by up to 92%

    - Glare reduced by up to 97%

    - Protection against UV radiation up to 99%


... with Cassette - the last word in blind design


When lowered into place, the screen gives you the benefit of its thermal insulation performance in summer and in winter, thanks to the outstanding reflective and insulating property of the film.


      Cooler in summer, Warmer in winter


From an aesthetic point of view the headrail has a rounded profile which combines perfectly with the most modern of interiors. The profile includes a brush which self cleans the reflective surface of the blind as it it is raised and lowered. Adaptable lateral profiles and edge-seals provide other modular options to improve the appearance of the system.